Say Good Morning To The World's First
Multi-Reflationary Coin on the Binance and Polygon Smart Chains

Hold PUFFS To Earn Bitcoin / Ethereum / USDT

Puffs Holders are automatically rewarded with Bitcoin / Ethereum / USDT every week!




100% Community Owned

Crypto Puffs has no pre-sale, no team tokens, no venture capitalists and no key opinion leaders. Crypto Puffs is commited to fair launching crypto cereals. Our aim is to build strong and sustainable community.

PUFFS Tokenomics

10% Tax included

Each PUFFS Transaction Includese a 10% Tax for Reflections and dividends Liquidity.

Triple Reflections

5% of taxes collected are used to buy BTC, ETH & USDT that Puffs holders will receive automatically to their wallets.


2% of taxes are reserved for the dev team and maketing.

Liquidity Pool

3% of taxes are transformed into floor liquidity, automatically creating a price floor.

Crypto Puffs

Crypto Puffs is commited to producing and fair launching cereals for the entire crypto community, with plans to continue launching new cereal coins on both Binance Smart Chain & The Ethereum Network.

Get Your Own Cereal Box

Get your hands on a box of Crypto Puffs by simply
scanning or tapping the QR Code. Its Breakfast time!


Phase 1: Listing on PancakeSwap

  • Listed on CoinGecko
  • Certik Audit Complete
  • Listed on CoinGecko MarketCap
  • Marketing Push Begins

Phase 2: Large Scale Marketing

  • Cereal Box Competitions
  • Partnerships with Crypto Brands
  • Instagram Story Campaigne Begins
  • 25,000 Holders Reach

Phase 3: Distribution of Crypto Puffs

  • Apply to National Retail Chains
  • Crypto Puffs TV Commercial Launch
  • 50,000 Holders Reach

A bright future is waiting for CryptoPuffs

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Part of a Balance Portfolioâ„¢

Coins Made
With the Finest

We create food-theme cryptocurrencies that bundle three or
more coin reflections in each transaction

Reflectionary tokens taken
to the next level.

CryptoPuffs is leading the crypto industry in multi-relfectionary token
distribution systems. Each Crypto Puffs token rewards holders with a
different variety of your favorite cryptocurrencies


Click here below to Buy Crypto Puffs directly from the exchange.
Every holder receive USDT / BTC / ETH dividends once per week!

Crypto Puffs(PUFFS)

Delicious Blend of 3%ETH, 3%DOGE, 3%BTC reflections for all holders on each transaction